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Discover Top-tier Workwear with Orange River®

We pride ourselves on curating the finest workwear for the Canadian and US markets. Orange River® stands out, meeting our stringent criteria across the board. With its innovative design, robust construction, and exceptional polyester-cotton stretch fabric, it epitomizes excellence. Experience Canada's premium workwear line with Orange River® – we're confident you'll see its unmatched value once you try it.

Discover Workwear Nova

At Workwear Nova, we're a verified partner of Orange River®, synonymous with workwear excellence in the Canadian and US markets. Our commitment to delivering only the best is evident in every Orange River® piece we showcase. Their innovative designs, robust construction, and unparalleled polyester-cotton stretch fabric resonate with our ethos of quality. When you choose Workwear Nova, you're not only getting Canada's premium workwear, you're experiencing the promise of Orange River® firsthand.